Commanders News: Sam Howell, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and name change

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Dan Snyder's fine owed millions in legal fees

Dan Snyder got a parting gift from the NFL before walking away. The outgoing Washington Commanders owner was fined $60 million following revelations that emerged from the Mary Jo White report, which confirmed sexual assault allegations and withholding $11 million in revenue from the league.

This will have stung despite Snyder getting $6.05 billion thanks to the record-breaking sale. But according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the billionaire was forced to shell out a whopping $27 million in legal costs accumulated by the NFL for Commanders-related matters in recent years.

"Per multiple sources, the league collected $27 million in legal fees and related expenses from Snyder. Although the league declined to comment on the figure, the league confirmed that legal fees are part of the $60 million. That leaves $33 million that the league eventually will decide how to distribute. It could go to the teams as partial restitution for the money that was diverted from the league-wide pool of ticket money (the Visiting Team Share) distributed to the various franchises. It could be donated to charity. It could be sued for various things. For $27 million of it, the use has been settled. "

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Snyder and Roger Goodell were in a bitter war right until the end. But now he's gone for good, the league can move on with renewed hope that the Commanders can emerge from the abyss and become a more marketable product as one of the truly storied franchises from their perspective.