Commanders News: Sale vote positivity, Emmanuel Forbes, Kirk Cousins and Josh Harris

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Commanders sale vote positivity

There was a clear sense of trepidation among the Washington Commanders fanbase when a report from Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Masek of the Washington Post claimed that Dan Snyder's stubbornness was threatening to delay the upcoming sale vote on July 20. This came just a few short hours after ESPN's revelations surrounding the billionaire's alleged involvement in the Jon Gruden email leaks that sparked such controversy.

This would be very on-brand for Snyder, who is reportedly refusing to indemnify influential league figures such as Roger Goodell from any repercussions relating to Gruden's emails. However, two unnamed sources speaking to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports stated that any potential issues should be resolved well in time.

"Despite the rumblings, two sources with knowledge of the situation told Front Office Sports that any issues are expected to be resolved ahead of next Thursday’s vote. An NFL spokesperson declined comment. It’s been widely expected that when the sale goes to an official vote, Harris will have no problem surpassing the 24-vote threshold needed for approval. The Commanders sale process has seen its fair share of twists and turns — but by this time next week, everything should be history, and the Commanders can move forward under Harris."

A.J. Perez, Front Office Sports

Perez has been at the forefront of this story since it began and is a trusted source. If he says there are going to be no complications when the big day arrives, that's good enough for me.

And when it's all said and done, getting Snyder out of the picture for good remains the common goal for all parties involved.