Commanders News: Sale vote, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and another lawsuit

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Outgoing Commandes owner Dan Snyder concedes defeat

Dan Snyder's stubbornness was not enough to risk more than $6 billion. Whether his long-suffering wife had anything to do with his willingness to remove any unnecessary complications before the sale vote is anyone's guess, but the most important thing for Washington Commanders fans is that we are almost at the finish line.

Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske of The Washington Post revealed that any remaining issues between Snyder and the NFL have been resolved. While the information wasn't readily available regarding any compromises that were reached during discussions, the common goal remained the same and is now well within sight.

What was perhaps more telling was the fact Snyder has now spoken to Mary Jo White as part of her investigations into Washington's toxic workplace culture. Something he's been reluctant to do previously.

As previously stated, the report is set to be released soon after the sale becomes official. Whether Snyder faces any repercussions given he'll be on his lavish yacht somewhere in Europe by that point is another matter.

Snyder's seemingly loved causing influential NFL figures to sweat over recent months. But do you know what the billionaire loves more than that?


That's why he's given up the ghost and agreed to end his turbulent 24 years as owner. A spell that will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst stints in North American sports history.