Commanders News: Sale update, Daron Payne, Eric Bieniemy and ESPN rankings

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Insider gives Commanders sale update

Everything is positive again regarding the Washington Commanders sale. Just when a severe wrench threatened to jeopardize the deal, Dan Snyder and Josh Harris' group signed documents that provided a level of finality to the process much to everyone's delight.

However, there are some kinks to work out before everything gets the green light. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated centered the potential complications around approval from the NFL's finance committee and whether or not Harris and his partners were borrowing more than the allowable amount of debt to pull off such a transaction.

The respected insider said these things would work themselves out. And as for worry, Breer added that should become a thing of the past for Commanders fans.

"That, of course, will get ironed out. The NFL wants the [Josh] Harris group (he and [Mitchell] Rales would be seen as major assets to the league among owners), Harris was already vetted as a runner-up during the Broncos process and Dan Snyder finally looks fully ready to exit the pro football stage. So, for folks in D.C., at this point, there shouldn’t be anything at all to worry about."

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

Snyder has washed his hands of the Commanders after releasing a goodbye statement on Friday evening. Barring any substantial unforeseen circumstances regarding documentation, expect an official announcement at some stage before the new season gets underway.