Commanders News: Sale leak, Dan Snyder trolled, Chase Young and new stadium

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Commanders sale documents leaked

Everything seems to be going according to plan despite some rumored hiccups before an official agreement was signed between Josh Harris' group and Dan Snyder. Although in normal circumstances, this deal would get more scrutiny, the desperate need to remove the outgoing Washington Commanders owner means some corners might be cut to ensure a quick resolution.

Harris has already been vetted by the league during his pursuit of the Denver Broncos. Despite the number of partners, their passionate ambition to make the Commanders a force once again is a far cry from the cost-cutting and inept management that enveloped the franchise throughout Snyder's tenure.

Recently leaked documents obtained by Seth Wickersham and John Keim of ESPN detailed Harris' plan to bring Washington back to the NFL's top table. The 43-page prospectus highlighted the potential for significant revenue increase with Snyder no longer complicating matters and the possibility of $1.5 billion in public money from the state of Virginia for a new stadium somewhere down the road.

"The Commanders historically ranked top in the league across all local revenue metrics and attendance. However, the team has significantly spiraled as a result of allegations against current ownership. As ownership changes, we see opportunities to substantially drive local revenue and bring the team back to a top NFL market."

Sale prospectus via ESPN

There was a lot to unpack in the revelations, which is a must for every Commanders fan. However, it's hard to look at the plans with anything other than positivity after decades of treading water with an absent owner.