Commanders News: Sale excitement, Ron Rivera, Sam Howell and Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers
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What makes Commanders QB Sam Howell great?

Sam Howell is the talk of the town for obvious reasons. But one doesn't have to look far across media outlets to see how much his teammates are going to bat for him before the regular season arrives.

This is a testament to how Howell has adjusted throughout early offseason workouts, which comes on the back of a successful outing against the Dallas Cowboys during his only NFL start in Week 18. Whether he can build on this recently acquired momentum is going to come with franchise-altering ramifications one way or another.

When speaking to the team's YouTube channel this week, wide receiver Terry McLaurin revealed a little deeper via Sports Illustrated what's making the Commanders' locker room believe so much in Howell heading into his opening campaign as a starter.

"He showed some great signs of growth against Dallas last year and now for this whole season, we get to see what he does. He has a quiet command about him. He comes into the huddle, he knows what he's doing, he's super smart, [and] he's picked up the system really well. At the end of the day, he's going to give us a chance to make plays on the outside. His accuracy is something that really stands out. He knows how to hit those hole shots. He can really throw the ball away in man situations, really push the ball through zones and he gives you a chance to catch the ball and run with it."

Terry McLaurin via Sports Illustrated

McLaurin will be integral to any success that Howell accomplices in 2023. Eric Bieniemy is sure to put his playmakers in the right spots, but it'll count for nothing if the North Carolina product cannot deliver.