Commanders News: Sale excitement, Ron Rivera, Sam Howell and Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers
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Commanders linked again with Quinn Ewers

As previously stated, landmark changes will be afoot if Sam Howell cannot raise his game and become a stable presence under center in 2023. If the former fifth-round selection struggles, Ron Rivera will be gone and the new regime will be aiming to make a splash at football's most important position.

Whether a big fish will be available via trade remains to be seen. But Jordan Reid of ESPN was the latest analyst to link Texas signal-caller Quinn Ewers to the Commanders from No. 8 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

"A lot of this hinges on the development of Sam Howell. But if Washington is picking inside the top 10 next year, it means the team fell well below expectations and will likely be searching for a long-term answer under center. [Quinn] Ewers came to Texas with plenty of hype and looked the part before hurting his shoulder against Alabama in Week 2. He shows a smooth, effortless arm as a passer, but I'd like to see more urgency in the mental and physical parts of the game. Under the tutelage of coach Steve Sarkisian -- who developed Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones -- Ewers could be in store for a big season."

Jordan Reid, ESPN

Ewers has been something of an enigma so far. The young phenom skipped his final year of high school to prepare for the college level and bask in the NIL benefits, but his production's been erratic to date, and much more is needed during the upcoming campaign.

There is so much football ahead, it's hard to gauge just what the Commanders will need and how they'll fare next season. Hoping for the best remains the mindset until further notice.