Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Terry McLaurin, Jonathan Allen and Tyreek Hill

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Ron Rivera
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Will the Commanders fire Ron Rivera?

After another home capitulation with thousands of Miami Dolphins fans packing FedEx Field, the calls to remove head coach Ron Rivera during the bye week are deafening. This seems like a foregone conclusion with another losing season confirmed under his leadership, but Josh Harris' ownership group is reportedly willing to let things play out for the rest of 2023 no matter how bad it might get.

Rivera's move to call the Washington Commanders defense blew up in his face. Even though the pressure is on, Ben Standig of The Athletic highlighted any immediate change in leadership for the final four games could bring more complications than necessary.

"The expected outcome — that Rivera will finish the year — won’t be a crowd-pleaser. But there’s no good reason to fire Rivera before Week 18 beyond giving the angry an emotional sugar high. The damage is done. Relieving Rivera of his duties before the Week 18 home rematch with the Cowboys would matter little. Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s primary role is to help Howell’s development. Promoting him to interim head coach would complicate his daily schedule and likely offer false hope of him getting the full-time job. Whether Rivera is fired now or in early January matters little. There’s a massive overhaul looming for the coaching staff, front office and roster. Several players are worth keeping, of course. Time must be given for high draft picks to improve — and for Harris to make moves. It’s coming. The score is evident. Hang in there until Harris acts, even if you’re tired of waiting for the team’s next Super Bowl ring."

Ben Standig, The Athletic

There are only a few games left, so Rivera will probably oversee matters before being removed on Black Monday around the league. Until then, fans must sit through a poor, uninspired football product and hope Harris is making the necessary preparations behind the scenes for a brighter future.