Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Logan Thomas, Quan Matin and name return demand

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Group calls for Commanders to make name return

No sooner had Josh Harris' ownership group taken over the reins from Dan Snyder after their record-breaking $6.05 billion purchase of the Washington Commanders received NFL approval, the talk of another rebrand came up.

This is a divisive issue among fans. Some want things to remain as they are while others want any association with the previous owner gone so everyone can move forward positively.

Harris and other investors have been coy in their responses to any questions regarding a name change. Everything is on the table currently, but there are far more pressing priorities when one considers the 2023 campaign is just a few weeks away and their main objective is to improve the fan experience on game days.

Once the season concludes and everything has been assessed, things could pick up. But the Native American Guardians Association has once again formally called for Harris' group to return the team to its old Redskins name and launched a petition that now has more than 90,000 signatures.

This follows from a demand letter sent early this month from the association calling for a U-turn now that Snyder is no longer part of the equation. While the Commanders could end up changing their name once Harris and his wealthy benefactors take stock, the chances of switching back to the name Washington had for almost 90 years is almost inconceivable all things considered.