Commanders news: Ron Rivera, Kyle Shanahan, QB confusion and Terry McLaurin

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Terry McLaurin
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Ron Rivera reflects on Commanders tenure

Ron Rivera is embarking on his last few days of an underwhelming four-year stint as Washington Commanders head coach. It wasn't an easy situation to try and improve. Dan Snyder had run the place into the ground, but it represented an immediate return to work after being fired by erratic Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper during the 2019 season.

All signs point to Rivera being relieved of his duties after Week 18. The respected figure was in a reflective mood when speaking to reporters on Tuesday. He seemed pleased with the hard work he's done and was appreciative of the opportunity with such a storied franchise based on comments via Pro Football Talk.

"Well, I’d like to think we’re in a better place. [That’s] probably a fairer way to say it. I most certainly do appreciate my time here, and we’ll see what happens. And again, we’ll focus in on what’s coming first on Sunday, and that’s getting ready for Dallas."

Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk

Deep down, Rivera will know what's coming. He's put on a brave face and remained nothing but professional amid the turmoil. But when it's all said and done, the introduction of new ownership coupled with a fourth straight losing season in Washington will ultimately decide his fate.