Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Jamin Davis, Brian Robinson Jr., and Montez Sweat

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Montez Sweat
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Commanders looking for player input

The Washington Commanders don't seem to be going anywhere but down this season. Week 14 was a tremendous one for their draft status, with every four-win team emerging triumphant to ensure they have sole possession of the No. 4 overall selection next spring.

That's arguably more important than meaningless wins to some fans right now. It won't be the case for head coach Ron Rivera, who is trying to leave on a high with his fate beyond the current campaign already sealed.

When discussing what comes next, Rivera is looking for player input over the next couple of days based on comments via Sports Illustrated. Something that will play a role in his thought process before the inevitable news arrives.

"We'll look at some of the things and see what happened and really talk to the players a little bit tomorrow and the next day just to see where they are. How they thought things went, what do they feel. I mean because part of is you know these guys got to go out and they got to execute. You want to make sure you're giving them every opportunity to be successful, so we'll look at that thing those things as well."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

Rivera is experienced enough to know he's living on borrowed time. He seems at peace with what's unfolding, but keeping his players engaged represents the biggest - and perhaps most challenging - remaining objective.