Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Dan Snyder, fan impact and Terry McLaurin

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Terry McLaurin
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Former Commanders owner slammed

I get it, nobody wants to hear about Dan Snyder anymore. The man who caused untold misery and heartache to every Washington Commanders fan is now gone - replaced by an ownership group with prestige and purpose that cares deeply about the franchise's roots.

It'll take time, but the foundations for a thriving future without Snyder are already being laid. This might be the last time his name comes up, but Peter King's damning analysis of the billionaire in his returning Football Morning in America column was undoubtedly worth sharing.

"I think the $60-million fine levied on Daniel Snyder as he got good-riddanced out of the NFL is, on the surface, a decent pound of flesh for all his misdeeds. But let’s be real. The fine might make the NFL feel good because the league’s all about money anyway. But it was a nick-cut on the neck of a man who is singularly responsible for taking a flagship NFL franchise and turning it into a tarnished national embarrassment. Oh, one other thing: Snyder’s exit statement led the league in tone-deafness. The second sentence in it: “We are proud to have built the most diverse leadership group of any NFL team, including having the highest representation of women, underrepresented groups, and the first full time black female coach in league history.” You built nothing, man, other than your investment portfolio."

Peter King, NBC Sports

King is absolutely right. Snyder was always oblivious to what was transpiring around him and offered no accountability whatsoever for his actions - something that disenchanted an entire fanbase and left one of the league's most storied organizations in tatters.

The healing has begun. And one only has to look at the different energy from top to bottom to see that Snyder was the only problem in this particular equation.