Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Chase Young, Brian Robinson Jr., and Sam Howell

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Chase Young
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Which Washington Commanders' news stories are hitting the headlines as the franchise continues to examine the wreckage of their Thursday night beatdown?

The anger has turned to disappointment among Washington Commanders fans following their humiliating loss at home to the Chicago Bears with the primetime audience watching. This has led to finger-pointing and calls for change, which only increases the pressure on head coach Ron Rivera to turn this around after hopes were high just a few short weeks ago.

Washington has some real soul-searching to navigate before preparations ramp up for their next challenge at the Atlanta Falcons. Until then, the stories generating column inches include Ron Rivera on the prospect of alterations, Chase Young leaping to the defense of his coach, Brian Robinson Jr.'s support system, and Sam Howell's eagerness.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders RB Brian Robinson Jr.'s support system

Aside from becoming a non-factor on Thursday night after the Washington Commanders dug themselves into yet another early hole, running back Brian Robinson Jr. has enjoyed a decent start to the campaign. He looks explosive, has the balance needed to absorb contact and keep churning out extra yards, and looks every bit the lead backfield presence everyone associated with the team hoped when they selected him out of Alabama.

Things haven't been easy for the player, who was shot in the leg during a carjacking that significantly derailed his first NFL offseason preparations. Robinson came out on the other side after hard work, which he stated via the team's website was thanks in no small part to his exceptional support system providing a sense of motivation.

"They mean more to me than anything … That's who I do it for at the end of the day. I do it for my mom, my sisters, my family, my friends, everybody who supported me and been there for me and watched me struggle and also watched me win."

Brian Robinson Jr. via

Hopefully, the Commanders won't be in such predicaments as the one they experienced in Week 5 too much this season. Something that would push Robinson towards his 1,000-yard rushing goal within Eric Bieniemy's scheme.