Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Bill Belichick, Week 15 and free agents

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Bill Belichick
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Could Commanders lure Bill Belichick?

With Ron Rivera seemingly on his way out, attention turns to who the Washington Commanders will appoint as their next head coach. Many names are being touted as potential candidates. Some are on the up, others have been around the game for an extended period.

No stone will be left unturned by Josh Harris in his quest to get the Commanders back into contention. He could also decide to make a big splash by luring Bill Belichick once his anticipated departure from the New England Patriots is confirmed.

Belichick is one of the greatest coaches ever. Things have tailed off considerably since Tom Brady left, but his influence on roster decisions should be a deal-breaker for the Commanders according to Tim Kelly from Sports Illustrated.

"[Josh] Harris may very well be intrigued by the idea of trying to land Belichick as he tries to re-legitimize the organization post-Daniel Snyder. Still, Harris and any ownership group interested in Belichick will have to ask themselves how things have gone south so badly in New England post-Tom Brady, and why things will be different at a new stop. Will Belichick want control over personnel? In theory, that should be a dealbreaker given the status of New England's roster under his guidance. And if Belichick gets the band back together in Washington or anywhere else in building his coaching staff -- think Josh McDaniels, Bill O'Brien, Matt Patricia and his son, Steve -- is that a good enough group to preside over a championship contender in today's game?"

Tom Kelly, Sports Illustrated

Not many new owners get their first hire right. Harris is looking to buck this trend, but giving Belichick complete power seems foolish when one considers his recent suspect decisions and the fact this hasn't been profitable under current head coach Ron Rivera.