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Commanders could pursue Kirk Cousins

There seems to be growing speculation linking the Washington Commanders with a bold move for quarterback Kirk Cousins. This would be a reunion between the player and the franchise. Now those who mismanaged his contract previously are no longer around, a return to familiar surroundings cannot be completely dismissed.

Cousins looks set to get another mammoth contract despite coming back from a torn Achilles. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Adam Schefter of ESPN tabbed the Atlanta Falcons and re-signing with the Minnesota Vikings as the most likely destinations. However, he also didn't rule out the prospect of Washington throwing their hat in the ring based on comments via The Bleacher Report.

"It certainly sounds like right now, Kirk Cousins will have as his primary two options Atlanta and Minnesota. Maybe Washington jumps in."

Adam Schefter via Bleacher Report

This seems to be a win-now move that would increase pressure on the Commanders to make immediate strides. Cousins is still performing at a high level, but his window to get over the hump is shortening. Looking at what head coach Dan Quinn reportedly wants in his signal-caller - which centered on creativity and someone who can make plays off-script - this doesn't describe the former Michigan State star all things considered.

Giving up $40 million per season to Cousins would also jeopardize Adam Peters' ability to strengthen other areas of the roster. The Falcons looked better placed for this sort of move. If I was placing a wager, Atlanta would be the choice.