Commanders News: Josh Harris, Ron Rivera, Khaleke Hudson and skill positions

Khaleke Hudson
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Commanders can expect fast results under Josh Harris

It won't be much longer before the Washington Commanders finally fall under new ownership. An official vote to approve the $6.05 billion transaction is scheduled between other NFL owners on July 20, which would signal the start of a franchise-altering new era with Josh Harris' group leading the charge.

Everything is set and Harris plans to get boots on the ground for training camp. The billionaire and his team of wealthy investors have also been busy conjuring up plans to take the franchise forward - something that Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin expects to come with almost instant results based on his comments via FOX News.

"I expect fast progress from Josh [Harris]. Josh is a beast. He’s nonstop, he works 24/7. This has been his dream. This is the city he grew up in. I think, to be honest, there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit. I expect fast results from Josh, and I think the community is going to rally around him. I couldn’t be more excited for all the Commanders fans and what Josh can do for the team."

Michael Rubin via FOX News

Rubin has worked closely with Harris on numerous sports franchise projects previously, so this glowing recommendation should fill every Commanders fan with confidence. There's a lot of hard work ahead given the ungodly mess Dan Snyder is leaving behind, but the team now has a sense of optimism at long last.

And after more than two decades of failure, it's a refreshing pendulum swing.