Commanders News: Josh Harris, Jahan Dotson, deserving fans and Quan Martin

Jahan Dotson
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Commanders ownership set for learning curve?

As previously stated, a new era is set to begin for the Washington Commanders when Josh Harris' ownership group receives formal approval from other NFL owners on July 20. There is a lot of hard work ahead, but plans have already been formed and could be implemented quickly once everything gets rubber-stamped.

This is a nervous and exciting time in equal measure for everyone associated with the Commanders. Jobs are on the line next season, but fans will be eager to see some improvements on and off the field after Dan Snyder ran the franchise into the ground over more than two decades.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated highlighted this excitement in his recent column. The respected insider also predicted there wouldn't be much of a learning curve considering Harris' previous experience running sports franchises - another highly positive element of this equation that deserves recognition.

"I can’t imagine how exciting it must be for the team’s passionate, knocked-down fan base. Even better, at least on paper, Harris shouldn’t have the learning curve most NFL owners do, because he had to learn the ropes, and stub his toe a bunch, in his stewardship of the NBA’s Sixers and NHL’s Devils. He’s also got an intimate understanding of the psyche of the fan base since he was a part of it growing up in the D.C. suburbs."

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

There are many investors with experience in sports and business to also lend their support. Some currently around won't be on the books to see out this grand plan, but that's inconsequential in pursuit of getting the Commanders back among the NFL's elite once again.