Commanders news: Jayden Daniels, Mike Sainristil, Ben Sinnott and draft grade

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Ben Sinnott
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Attention is slowly turning to offseason workouts with the 2024 NFL Draft firmly in the rearview mirror. Expectations are increasing about what the Washington Commanders might be able to accomplish after Adam Peters navigated the college selection process successfully. But the most important thing right now is ensuring a plethora of new additions mesh together quickly.

The roster turnover in Washington has been extraordinary. This was almost a necessity after how stagnant things became under previous head coach Ron Rivera. However, it also comes with complications unless everyone gets on the same page.

It'll be an intense summer of preparations to ensure everything goes according to plan when competitive action begins. Nobody is expecting miracles immediately, but there's a growing belief that something special could be brewing in the nation's capital if a few more tweaks arrive in the coming months.

While we wait for further developments and the offseason schedule to ramp up, the stories causing debate include Ben Sinnott's potential, Mike Sainristil drawing rave reviews, Jayden Daniels' outlining his ambition, and the Commanders' draft selections receiving high praise.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders CB Mike Sainristil praised

There is a significant amount of intrigue attached to the Washington Commanders drafting Mike Sainristil in the second round. The cornerback might be undersized, but he plays up to the competition through high-level athleticism, surprising physicality, and supreme intelligence that gives him the upper hand more often than not.

Sainristil will fill slot responsibilities as the STAR cornerback option in Washington. There are still concerns about the outside corner tandem of Emmanuel Forbes and Benjamin St-Juste, but the No. 50 overall selection has the scope to provide an immediate upgrade from the moment he steps onto the field.

The former Michigan standout gained significant praise from Jalen McMillan, who lined up against the defensive back frequently during the college football national championship game. Based on his comments via the Detroit News, it's clear Sainristil left a tremendous impression on the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass-catcher.

“He was pissing me off all game. He was calling out formations, calling out routes we were gonna run, lining up in zone — when, in reality, he was in man — and lining up in man … while in zone. He’s a great player.”

Hopefully, Sainristil can continue this outstanding production in the pros. It won't be as easy and there could be some growing pains, but it would be a big shock if the player didn't make his presence felt during his rookie season.