Commanders News: Jahan Dotson, 2024 mock draft pick, Sam Howell and Percy Butler

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Commanders praise Percy Butler's growth

It was a baptism of fire of sorts for Percy Butler as a rookie. The Washington Commanders brought along the former fourth-round pick gradually, but there were flashes of what might be to come during the limited involvement that those in power allocated to the talented safety on their defensive rotation.

Obviously, it'll be difficult for Butler to assume starting responsibilities given the tandem of Darrick Forrest and Kamren Curl is among the league's most dynamic. But a phenomenal offseason period so far has many wondering whether he can become the third option if defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio moves forward with more two-linebacker sets.

Quan Martin and Jeremy Reaves will also fancy their chances. But when discussing the development of Washington's secondary recently, head coach Ron Rivera signaled out Butler for special unprovoked praise via USA Today Sports.

"You see the growth and development, especially out of guys like D-Foe [S Darrick Forrest] and [CB] Benjamin [St-Juste] and those guys in the secondary, they have that much potential for growth. You see Percy [Butler] out there and see him running around, and that’s good to see."

Ron Rivera via USA Today Sports

Butler would have gained plenty from last season despite featuring in 15 percent of snaps on defense. If his positive performance levels continue throughout the team's upcoming training camp and preseason games, the Commanders will have no option other than to provide the Louisiana product with additional reps.