Commanders news: J.J. McCarthy, Nick Allegretti, Josh Harris and trade calls

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J.J. McCarthy
J.J. McCarthy / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Josh Harris on Commanders draft

This is one of the most important drafts in recent memory for the Washington Commanders. Those in power have set things up extremely well thanks to several impressive additions in free agency. They also boast plenty of high-end capital after opting to move forward without Sam Howell, Chase Young, and Montez Sweat.

Adam Peters has the chance to stamp another mark on the franchise. Confidence is high that the correct power structure is in place at long last, but the pressure is on to get the big decisions right to avoid any unnecessary complications down the line.

This was a sentiment offered by majority owner Josh Harris. He knows how important the No. 2 pick is, but how Washington's other selections are utilized is equally as important to the new man in charge based on comments via Fan Nation.

"The No. 2 pick is the No. 2 pick. I mean, in any sport, right? It's an important pick. It's a complicated question. I think we can have a big impact if we make the right selection. So that's obviously a very important pick. And we have many picks in the top 100 and we've done it that way on purpose. So, it's important for us to have a very strong draft for sure. I think we're in a very good position to take advantage of obviously a lot of draft capital."

Josh Harris via Fan Nation

Harris will be an observer rather than getting too involved. After all, he's paying Peters and his staff to make the tough decisions needed. If they hit on the large majority of their selections, it'll be another big step forward en route to potentially being more competitive in 2024.