Commanders News: Emmanuel Forbes, Sam Howell, Ron Rivera and power rankings

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Commanders urged to keep faith with Sam Howell

Sam Howell's benching at the Los Angeles Rams has been a hot topic of discussion this week. The performances haven't been great over the last few games. Ron Rivera had seen enough, although he claimed it was down to protecting the quarterback more than anything else.

Take that with a pinch of salt given Rivera's track record with quarterbacks throughout his coaching career. Howell will start at the New York Jets in Week 16. But make no mistake, it won't take much for the head coach to switch it up with veteran backup Jacoby Brissett without a strong start.

When discussing the situation recently, former Washington head coach Jay Gruden urged the Commanders to stay the course with Howell based on comments via USA Today Sports. After all, they've ridden it out this long if nothing else.

"I still stick with Sam [Howell]. He’s been your starter, and I hate to say that the reason why they’ve lost so many in a row is because of Sam because Sam is the reason why they’ve been close in a lot of these games. For the most part, they’ve been competitive on offense because of Sam and his ability to move and make some plays, so I think you have to go back to Sam, personally."

Jay Gruden via USA Today Sports

This should increase the level of urgency surrounding Howell with his future hanging in the balance. But this is a far cry from Rivera claiming the Commanders had found their franchise signal-caller just a few weeks ago.