Commanders News: Dan Snyder, Sam Howell, Hall of Fame and blackmail

Dan Snyder speaks during the
Dan Snyder speaks during the / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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Dan Snyder could hold up Commanders sale vote

Just when it looked like the finish line was in sight.

Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske from The Washington Post were burning the midnight oil just a few short hours ago, revealing that outgrowing owner Dan Snyder's stubbornness is threatening to delay the proposed July 20 vote to approve the Washington Commanders' sale. This stems from the billionaire's alleged unwillingness to indemnify the league from any liability relating to the leaked Jon Gruden emails and the aforementioned blackmail PowerPoint.

"That person described the complications as “significant” and “not just some small snag,” expressing the view that the issues could delay the owners’ approval of the sale and the closing of the deal if they’re not resolved. But the person also left open the possibility that Snyder and his attorneys merely are attempting to extract last-minute concessions from the NFL on legal indemnification related to Gruden’s lawsuit against the league, and the issues will be resolved in time for the owners to ratify the deal as expected next Thursday. “Hopefully it gets resolved,” that person said. “But at this point, it’s serious.” Snyder is not seeking for the league and the other owners to indemnify him against future legal liability, the complications relate to the willingness of Snyder and his family to indemnify the league and owners against liability related to the Gruden case."

Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske

Time is of the essence, obviously. We are now seven days away before owners are scheduled to congregate with the specific reason to usher in the Josh Harris group's era in Washington, which could now be put back unless a compromise is reached.

This is not what fans wanted to hear, to put it mildly. All we can do is wait and hope everything comes to a satisfactory conclusion and Snyder's dark stain on the Commanders is gone for good this time next week.