Commanders news: Dan Quinn, Joe Whitt Jr., Drake Maye and NFC East dreams

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Drake Maye
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Commanders tipped to win NFC East in 2024

Not even the most optimistic Washington Commanders fan is expecting the team to make a Super Bowl challenge in Year 1 under their new regime. This is an extensive rebuild. It will take time to become a respectable organization feared around the league. Those in power need a long-term growth plan rather than relying on the suspect quick fixes that blighted Dan Snyder's ownership tenure.

This isn't an opinion shared by everyone. Colin Cowherd from FOX Sports made one of the boldest predictions of the offseason so far, tipping the Commanders to win the NFC East in 2024. The reasoning came down to their salary-cap space, vulnerability elsewhere, and the prospect of taking Drake Maye at No. 2 overall based on comments via The Spun.

"Why the Commanders? $75 million in cap space, love Dan Quinn and Kliff Kingsbury as a staff. I think the Eagles and Cowboys - because of age and drama - are vulnerable. I think the Commanders get Drake Maye. I think he's like Justin Herbert as a comp. He played in a simple college offense and will be better than people think immediately."

Colin Cowherd via The Spun

To say this is a best-case scenario situation would be an understatement. There is a chance Washington's rebuild can be sped up thanks to their vast assets and someone like Adam Peters leading the recruitment charge. But the Commanders taking back control of the division during their first season under head coach Dan Quinn would be beyond anyone's wildest expectations.