Commanders News: Chase Young, Montez Sweat, likely scenario and LB core ranked

Chase Young
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What can the Commanders expect from Chase Young?

To say the upcoming campaign is a make-or-break one for Chase Young would be a massive understatement. The once-generational defensive end hasn't played much over the last two seasons and has 1.5 sacks during this frustrating span, which left the Washington Commanders with no option other than to refuse his fifth-year option and make him a free agent in 2024.

This is a tactic the Commanders are hoping pays off in a similar way to Daron Payne, who got $60 million guaranteed after showing out last season. Young looked sharp during his brief time with the team at Washington's mandatory minicamp. but the Commanders are rightfully taking a cautious approach given the Ohio State product's recent career trajectory.

When discussing Young's potential influence, Zach Selby from the team's website highlighted the benefits of the pass-rushing force putting a consistent run of games together and increasing his numbers. Whether it comes off or not remains to be seen.

"If [Chase] Young can get close to what he was, it would give Washington another player who could completely change the outlook of games. The defensive line would be more formidable, but it would also mean more opportunities for turnovers in the secondary, more tackles for the linebackers and less pressure on an offense that is learning a new system with a young quarterback. We'll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition, but things are headed in the right direction."

Zach Selby,

Young knows full well he's in danger of being labeled a draft bust if things continue in a similar manner. But there's just no telling how good the Commanders' defense could be if he puts everything together.