Commanders News: Chase Young, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and Magic Johnson

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Chase Young
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Magic Johnson wants the Commanders to win

Magic Johnson did nothing but win throughout his glittering sporting career. This is something he successfully transitioned to the business world, which also included a World Series title as Los Angeles Dodgers owner for good measure.

Johnson's infectious personality and ability to inspire those around him should be of significant use to the Washington Commanders this season. The Pro Basketball Hall of Famer spoke with the players at practice this week, which was extremely well-received by a group that looks like it could surprise if everything stays clear of injury.

When discussing the interaction, Johnson stated via Sports Illustrated that ownership wants to lead by example with actions as well as words. But as always, the main priority is to build a winning product on the field.

"I couldn't wait to get to the players, I couldn't wait to watch them practice. What a great group in terms of players and the questions that they had for me…the No. 1 goal for all of us is we want to win. Give [managing partner] Josh [Harris] a lot of credit he's put a lot of millions already into the team that you haven't seen and the players are ecstatic. That's what it's all about, you know, great leadership and it trickles down to everybody."

Magic Johnson via Sports Illustrated

The Commanders don't look that far away from becoming a contender, especially if Sam Howell becomes a franchise-caliber presence under center. A newfound sense of belief installed by Johnson and the rest of Josh Harris' ownership group is only going to help their cause in 2023.