Commanders News: Chase Young, Josh Harris, Mitchell Rales and elite defense

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Josh Harris' promise to Commanders fans

Josh Harris wasted no time getting to work once his ownership group officially took charge of the Washington Commanders. The $6.05 billion sale was a long time coming, which brought obvious feelings of relief mixed with a sense of humbleness based on the figurehead's demeanor throughout a whirlwind few days in its immediate aftermath.

Harris knows what needs to be done. And in an open letter to fans via The Washington Post that was later featured on the team's website, the billionaire laid out a series of ambitious promises as he looks to restore the Commanders among other NFL powerhouses after more than two decades in the proverbial football wilderness.

"It's no secret that these past years have been tumultuous for our franchise and our fans, but today marks a new era for the Commanders. From day one, it is our top priority to deliver you a championship caliber team. With a proven track record of winning across sports and business, we invest and plan for long term success. We listen, we learn, and we are eager to immerse ourselves in this franchise to guide it with the respect and dignity it deserves. Most importantly, we hope to earn your trust. We look forward to meeting you in the community and soon at FedExField and learning how we can make the maximum positive impact. Our promise is simple: We will do the work, create the culture and make the investment needed to deliver for this team and for Washington."

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These are lofty goals for Harris and his group. But their experience, passion, and connections to the franchise could result in things progressing much quicker than anticipated.

The fact Harris placed this letter in the Washington Post is also telling. There were few things Dan Snyder hated more than the publication owned by Jeff Bezos, so restoring this relationship represents a shrewd early move from the new regime.