Commanders News: Josh Harris, Magic Johnson, Dan Snyder and rookie deals

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Josh Harris looking to change Commanders culture

Josh Harris was the man of the hour. The business mogul that put an exceptional group of investors together to purchase the Washington Commanders has been basking in his success over the last two days, which is more than deserved after having to deal with Dan Snyder over the months leading up to the sale.

Harris is deeply connected to the team having been besotted as a young boy. Based on his press conference comments via Ben Standig of The Athletic, the majority partner has set his sights firmly on shifting the culture after everything that transpired under the previous regime's complete incompetence.

"A lot of stuff happened that was unfortunate. We’re focused on changing the culture. It’s about creating a management team that doesn’t look the same. It’s about zero tolerance on ethically challenged behavior. When you own a sports team in a city, everyone looks at what you do. To the Commanders fans, our promise to you is straightforward. We will work tirelessly to make you proud once again of this franchise. This franchise is a part of who I am, who I became. It’s part of my DNA, but I appreciate that it’s not just about being a fan. I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to this city to win championships, to create a positive impact on the community and create great experiences and memories for future fans, just like I had growing up as a kid."

Josh Harris via The Athletic

Commanders fans have heard all this before. Yet somehow, it feels completely different this time around.

Judging by the fans that came out in force for Washington's pep rally, the sale has reignited everyone associated with the franchise. But there is much hard work ahead to accomplish some lofty initial goals.