Commanders News: Chase Young, 2020 draft, sale vote and defense ranked

Jack Del Rio
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Which Washington Commanders news stories are making the headlines as speculation continues to surround the franchise for one reason or another?

The Washington Commanders have been enveloped in rumors and speculation this offseason. This hasn't seemed to bother head coach Ron Rivera from the outside looking in, but it's hard to picture this not being a distraction within the building when one factors everything into the equation.

Among the stories generating column inches recently include an update on the Commanders' sale, potential Chase Young trade destinations, Washington's defense receiving a high ranking league-wide, and the 2020 NFL Draft class getting regraded after three seasons.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders sale vote expected this summer

While there were some optimistic fans that were hoping for a formal vote to conclude the Washington Commanders' sale saga at the owners' meetings next week, that was never realistic. Documents and partners are still being vetted by the league, so the announcement from executive vice president Jeff Miller via Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated came as no shock.

"NFL EVP Jeff Miller on the Commanders sale, and how it'll be addressed at next week's spring meeting: "There'll be an update for the membership on the purchase-and-sales agreement … There will not be any votes at this time." Expect a vote on the Commanders sale in the summer."

Albert Breer, SI via Twitter

It's probably frustrating to some sections of the fanbase that want to move forward at the earliest possible opportunity. But the most important thing is everything remaining on track and the NFL being happy with the Josh Harris group's proposals before something gets rubber-stamped.

Until then, watch this space.