4 big winners from the Washington Commanders sale agreement

Josh Harris
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Who could end up being the big winners from the Washington Commanders' official sale agreement, which has been months in the making?

One could have been forgiven for feeling a sense of trepidation following a report from The Washington Post earlier this week that plunged the sale into doubt. However, this was thankfully not the case, and any fears were officially alleviated thanks to a bombshell statement on Friday.

Dan Snyder has finally relinquished power and sold the Commanders to the ownership group led by Josh Harris for $6.05 billion. The transaction still requires formal league approval via a voting process between owners, but it should be a relative formality all things considered.

This latest and perhaps most important development regarding the sale was met with incredible enthusiasm among the fanbase. They've waited a long time and gone through some significant hardship under Snyder's dark cloud, so this moment is for them.

With that being said, here are four big winners from the Commanders' sale agreement, which should get rubber-stamped in the very near future.

Winner No. 1

Roger Goodell / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell

It's been clear for some time that Dan Snyder was becoming a stain on the NFL. A problem that brought constant shame to the league and was an ongoing distraction for Commissioner Roger Goodell.

With Snyder now selling up and riding off into the sunset, it'll probably be a massive relief to Goodell. However, there are plenty of mitigating factors to navigate before then, such as the Mary Jo White report and various other allegations surrounding the disgraced billionaire.

Once Snyder is removed entirely, Goodell will be sitting back with a smile on his face.