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Commanders GM Adam Peters' ambition

There is a lot of hard work ahead for Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters. It'll be a baptism of fire this offseason, but one he's more than prepared for after working his way up through the ranks at some prestigious organizations with proven Super Bowl credentials.

Peters' immediate objective centers on finding the head coach capable of leading and establishing a winning culture. Next on the agenda will be examining the roster - something he's probably done at length already - and working collaboratively to mold a potential contender in the coming years.

The new front office leader acknowledged that there are a few cornerstone pieces to build around. Peters was more concerned about getting a broad perception from everyone involved before making final decisions based on comments via Washington's website. That seems to be his primary ambition for an organization that's lacked the correct infrastructure for some time.

"I believe that there's a few cornerstone pieces in this roster. I believe we have a lot of work to do, and that's just evaluating everybody. And we're going to do that collaboratively with the head coach, his staff, the personnel department, R&D, analytics, and come up with our evaluations for all that before we move forward."

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This is almost a blank canvas of sorts for Peters. The Commanders also have a plethora of draft picks and the league's most available salary-cap space as it stands. If everything goes well, Washington's rebuild might not take as long as originally anticipated.