5 pressing priorities for new Commanders GM Adam Peters in 2024

The new front-office leader has a lot of hard work ahead...

Adam Peters
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What pressing priorities must Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters address during his first offseason with the franchise?

Adam Peters will begin his Washington Commanders' journey by speaking to the media this afternoon. It'll be fascinating to hear what attracted the new general manager to the organization. We should also get more clues about what his vision for the future will be in the short and long term.

Peters comes into the Commanders with a glittering reputation, but the size of the task awaiting him cannot be overstated. He'll get time to turn things around after signing a five-year deal. Looking at the resources available, there's also a chance Washington's rebuild can bear fruit quicker than anticipated if the right moves are made.

This is the only job Peters was interested in. He spurned multiple advances from elsewhere. He believes in the ambitious plans outlined by majority ownership partner Josh Harris. He's also eager to get into the business at hand and wake a sleeping giant.

With this in mind, here are five pressing priorities facing Peters during his first offseason as Commanders general manager in 2024.

Commanders must hire the right head coach

This is the first and arguably most important item on Adam Peters' agenda. The Washington Commanders must get their preferred head coaching target into the organization. According to multiple reports, this appears to be Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

The Commanders are casting their net far and wide to find someone who correctly fits the team's vision. But the urgency to act swiftly could increase if the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles enter the hiring cycle following their early playoff exits.

Washington will have a grand plan in place. They've gone about their business this offseason with supreme conviction up to now. Expect the same trend to continue with Peters leading the charge.