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Commanders urged to consider Brian Griese

The Washington Commanders have yet to hire their next head coach. That hasn't stopped speculation about who could come in for the coordinator positions once the new hire is confirmed. Something that could occur in the next week now that general manager Adam Peters is in the building ready to work.

Hogs Haven recently touted the prospect of Brian Griese becoming Washington's new offensive coordinator. All signs point to Eric Bieniemy departing the franchise after just one season - especially considering the lack of head coaching interest internally or around the league. In this scenario, Peters goes back to the San Francisco 49ers for a coach held in the highest regard by Kyle Shanahan.

"If Washington goes current OC with its head coach pick, the team will likely need someone under him adept at grooming young quarterbacks. Someone who can put both the team’s newly drafted play caller and Sam Howell on the path to success. [Brian] Griese only recently got into coaching, starting as the 49ers QB coach in 2022. It turns out, he wasn’t necessarily looking to become a coach, but was personally courted by Kyle Shanahan in early 2022, after having mentioned interest in the position to Kyle’s father Mike. He’s surely a quantity that new GM, Adam Peters, is familiar with, and an understudy of Shanahan - who calls plays for the 49ers’ offense. 49ers’ fans seem to be grappling with the reality that Griese could potentially leave this off-season, and they raise the reasonable point that, if San Francisco wanted to, they could promote Griese to OC themselves. "

KyleSmith4GM via SB Nation

This is all hearsay until the head coach is confirmed. Griese looks like the sort of up-and-comer worthy of consideration, but some dominos need to fall before attention turns to other coaching positions in Washington.