Commanders news: Adam Peters, Josh Harris, Ben Johnson and Brian Griese

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Adam Peters
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Commanders GM Adam Peters' mindset

Adam Peters is a winner. He's achieved success wherever he's been. Now, the Washington Commanders will benefit from his front-office expertise in pursuit of making this storied franchise a leading contender.

Peters provided some immediate clues on how he plans to take the organization forward. He's convinced this is the best possible destination from a personal standpoint, but the new general manager also revealed that the right leadership across the board is all it might take to get things trending upward based on comments via the team's website.

"Everything is exactly what a person in my seat would want. A great ownership group, a great fanbase, the ability to start new with a new head coach, all of those things were so appealing to me that going through this process, it was very clear to me at a very early time, right when I met with Josh, this is where I wanted to be. This is not a total rebuild. This is a wonderful group of people here that just needs leadership. That's what I think is the biggest thing, is we need leadership and an aligned vision. I don't think there's wholesale change needed. I just think we need leadership here and that's what we're here to bring."

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This sort of vision is exactly what Josh Harris' ownership group was looking for. It's also going to make Washington an enticing job for any head coach looking to make a name for themselves. After some indifferent hirings during Dan Snyder's reign of terror, it seems as if the new regime is going for home-run hits to make the entire NFL sit up and start looking at the Commanders differently.