Commanders news: Adam Peters, Ben Johnson, Jonathan Allen and Drake Maye

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Jonathan Allen
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Commanders head coach favorite lauded

Nobody is panicking too much about the Washington Commanders biding their time to appoint a head coach to succeed Ron Rivera. Had this been Dan Snyder calling the shots, things might be different in that regard. Thankfully, there are far more competent people in charge of making this landmark decision.

Many around the media seem to believe Ben Johnson is Washington's primary target. Other candidates are being interviewed in person as the Commanders wait for their chance to speak further with the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator. This will happen when their star-studded contingent stakes their bid early next week.

Johnson's work with the Lions' offense deserves untold plaudits. The latest to laud the play-caller was Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, who highlighted intelligence and vision as reasons why he believes his close friend is more than ready for the next step in his coaching career based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"He’s just really sharp. He’s got a mathematics background. He’s much smarter than I was in school. He sees things differently. He does a great job with the analytics side of things, as well. He’s just one of the really, truthfully one of the sharpest football coaches in this league, and he’s only going to continue to learn from his experiences."

Zac Taylor via USA Today Sports

The Commanders and Atlanta Falcons are the two teams with confirmed second interviews with Johnson. Whether his representatives have told the Carolina Panthers and others he's not interested remains to be seen. This long-running saga is nearing its conclusion and hopefully, Washington will become his eventual destination.