Commanders HC Dan Quinn learns harsh lesson from t-shirt saga

The decision caused a stir among the Commanders fanbase.
Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn caused a stir during the team's rookie minicamp. The Washington Commanders head coach wore a t-shirt that was unlicensed by the franchise. Of course, the controversy surrounded the logo, which mixed the old with the new.

While the Commanders' branding was prevalent, the t-shirt also donned the feathers in keeping with the historical connection that was removed after public backlash. Quinn opting to wear this particular item reignited the debate about the team name and for some, a fierce desire to rebrand once again under the leadership of Josh Harris' ownership group.

Commanders head coach Dan Quinn speaks out over t-shirt saga

Inevitably, this was a question Quinn faced when speaking to the media before Washington's first OTA session involving rookies and established veterans. The former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator admitted it was a lesson that took away from those looking to make their way with the team, but that does not detract from his desire to blend everything in pursuit of one common goal.

"I think one of the parts of me taking this job, I was excited to bridge the past and the present. What a cool privilege that is to do. I also recognize there's a lot of layers to that. So, it was a great lesson for me. What I really hate is that any attention that would've been taken away from these rookies and this awesome crew. Nobody wants to do that."

There's no doubt whatsoever that Quinn misread how volatile this situation was previously and remains to this day. He probably wore the t-shirt with the best intentions and it went down a storm with most. At the same time, it's a decision he'd probably like to have back.

The Commanders were such a fractured organization under Dan Snyder. It's still healing despite the increased sense of hope following a memorable offseason. This situation proves that there are some underlying emotions attached that must be resolved sooner rather than later.

In truth, Quinn should have been better advised. The t-shirt is great, aside from those annoying bots on social media. But getting some additional information about the stir this would probably cause could have led to a more informed decision.

Quinn deserves praise for having the intent to embrace the past while focusing on a brighter future for football in the nation's capital. Snyder turned every recognizable face and beloved former player away from the franchise during his two-decade reign of terror. Things are looking up in that sense, so this statement should draw a line under the topic once and for all.

There's an element of regret, especially considering how Quinn felt it took some shine off the rookies during their first taste of an on-field NFL environment. But in all honesty, it's a storm in another proverbial teacup.

It wouldn't be a Commanders' offseason without one.