5 Commanders fighting for their future beyond 2023

Washington has some names that may not be in the same position come next year.
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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5. Sam Howell, QB

Speaking of Howell, he rounds out our list here. On one hand, Howell is leading the league in passing yards right now with 2,783. He is third in the NFL in passing touchdowns with 17 and has tossed nine picks. Under Bieniemy, Howell has played about as good as you could possibly have asked, all things considered.

Going into this year, the Commanders didn't know if Howell was going to be their guy. Sure, they had a lot of faith in him, but did the fans really think he'd have this type of season? I don't think any fan would have told you Howell would be leading the league in passing over halfway through the season.

On the other hand, Howell still continues to hold the football too long and has taken a lot of sacks. He could still wind up breaking the single-season record for sacks taken. Turnovers can be a problem, and that is pretty normal for any young quarterback. But, if the Commanders have an opportunity to draft one of the top four or five quarterbacks in next year's class, don't underestimate that chance.

Adding competition for Howell could be a great thing. Right now, statistically speaking, Howell has been more than enough. But, when it comes to some of the mental decision-making aspects, he has a ways to go. Could he be the future? Absolutely. But, there's also a great chance that he doesn't end up being the guy for Washington.