5 Commanders fighting for their future beyond 2023

Washington has some names that may not be in the same position come next year.
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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4. Ron Rivera, Head Coach

One of the biggest changes Washington could make is at head coach. People have grown to love Ron Rivera over the years, and his story in regards to beating cancer is one of the better stories the league has seen over the last few seasons. But, his time should soon be up as Washington's head coach.

Over the four seasons he's been with Washington, Rivera has yet to end a year with a winning record. In fact, the best he's done was that 8-8-1 record in 2022. Somehow, with a record of 7-9 in 2020, Washington made the postseason. But, they lost in the Wildcard round.

This league is an offensive league. It's a passing-driven league, and the Commanders are passing more than anybody this season. But, they could also use more of an offensive identity at the helm. Whether or not that's Eric Bieniemy remains to be seen, but he could also get head coaching looks elsewhere.

The Commanders might not even know who their quarterback of the future is, to be quite honest. If Rivera is let go, Washington would want to go out and find a head coach who has a clear plan in place for the quarterback position and maybe, just maybe, it won't include Sam Howell in the immediate future.