Commanders Day 2 NFL mock draft: Brandon Aiyuk trade edition

Does this makes sense after the Commanders drafted Jayden Daniels?
Brandon Aiyuk
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Commanders draft Patrick Paul

  • Offensive Tackle | Houston Cougars
  • Round No. 2 | No. 40 overall

Now that the Washington Commanders have their franchise quarterback in Jayden Daniels, they need to find an offensive tackle capable of providing the protection needed. Speculation was rife about Adam Peters potentially going back into the first round for one of their desired targets. But once the Cincinnati Bengals took Amarius Mims at No. 18 and Tyler Guyton went to the Dallas Cowboys, it seemed as if the door had closed despite his best efforts.

Plenty of gifted edge protectors went in the first round, which was expected. The Commanders will have to make do with those remaining. It would also be wise if Peters addressed this critical need with one of his early second-round selections.

Although seen as a long shot of sorts before the draft, unfolding events on Day 1 put Patrick Paul firmly under the microscope. This is a player who's no stranger to the Commanders. His brother Chris Paul is a backup interior offensive lineman with the team currently, so the transition should go off without a hitch.

At least on the face of things, Patrick seems a lot more talented than Chris. His college production at Houston was nothing short of outstanding, which was matched by an exceptional display of athletic prowess against other draft hopefuls at the 2024 Senior Bowl.

Paul possesses outstanding length and athleticism, making him a significant asset in pass protection. He's got eye-catching agility for someone his size, which is matched by an explosive punch to the point of attack and fluid movements to keep opposing edge rushers out of opposing backfields.

There is some work ahead for Paul in terms of run-blocking consistency. His hand placement also needs some refinement, but the scope for improvement is high once he acclimatizes to his new surroundings and receives professional coaching from the Commanders' improved staff in this scenario.