The Right Choice: Commanders 5-round mock draft cements faith in Sam Howell

Agree or disagree? We've seen enough to know Sam Howell deserves at least another year.

Washington Commanders, Sam Howell
Washington Commanders, Sam Howell / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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OT. Graham Barton. Graham Barton. . Graham Barton. 2. 434. . . player

At pick no. 36 in the second round, the Commanders go after a big position of need. Of course, many of Howell's sacks have come because he's held the football too long. But, much of his woes in that area can also be attributed to poor offensive line play, and specifically from the tackle position.

Duke's Graham Barton figures to be one of the top prospects in this year's class, and very well might find himself taken in the first round. But, in this mock, we were able to snag him early on in the second, and the Commanders will gladly take him.

In today's NFL, you like to see athleticism at the tackle position. Barton not only stands 6-foot-5, 310 pounds, but he moves like an interior lineman. He moves his feet very well for a big tackle, allowing him to get into good positioning when having to make blocks in space. He's also formidable in a zone run scheme.

Whether it's his athleticism, footwork or even his finisher's mentality, Barton could offer positional versatility. He's played on the interior in the past, and maybe the Commanders see him fitting there as well. Regardless, Barton is one of the most well-rounded linemen this draft has to offer.