Commanders 2023 midseason awards and superlatives

Who came out on top?
Sam Howell
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Who has impressed or underwhelmed where the Washington Commanders are concerned with one-half of the 2023 campaign in the rearview mirror?

Despite having a new owner in Josh Harris, a new offensive coordinator in Eric Bieniemy, and a potential new face of the franchise in Sam Howell, the Washington Commanders find themselves in a familiar place to last season, sitting at 4-5.

Although the offense has progressed, with the team scoring 30-plus points three times already - compared to once all of last season - the defense has regressed.

After nine games in 2022, the Commanders were ranked No. 14 in defense by yards allowed and No. 21 on offense by yards. This year, the script has flipped with the defense ranked No. 28 in yards allowed and No. 17 on offense in yards.

However, some things have remained consistent.

The Commanders continue to struggle in the NFC East - 0-3 this year versus 0-2 at the same point last season. They also have a negative point differential, -54 this year versus -33 at this point last season), and a negative turnover differential, -1 this year versus -4 at this point last season.

But for every big play allowed and for every arms-folded view of Ron Rivera on the sidelines, it could all be worth it. Of course, that is predicated on Howell being the franchise quarterback that Washington has craving for far too long.

With five of their last eight games against winning teams, the rest of the season will be an uphill battle. But now is a good time to give out midseason awards for the team.

Let's get into it.