Brutal honesty helping Dan Quinn transition superbly to Commanders role

Dan Quinn is off to a tremendous start.
Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders need Dan Quinn to take advantage of his second head coaching opportunity. He's worked hard for another shot after things turned sour with the Atlanta Falcons. Looking at the increased energy and purpose across the franchise since his appointment, the respected figure is off to a tremendous start.

Quinn's got everyone buying in. He's surrounded himself with players who are already well aware of his demands. This provides another strong presence during schematic implementation and knowing exactly what's expected. According to someone with close knowledge of the organization, brutal honesty is also helping to smooth this important transition.

Commanders already benefitting from Dan Quinn's honest approach

Former player Logan Paulsen stated on the Locked on Commanders podcast that Quinn's honesty is what every player wants to hear based on comments via Fan Nation. This method seems to be a dying breed in the NFL as the personality of the modern-day player evolves. Hopefully, this teaching method can have the desired effect throughout the summer before Week 1 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolls around.

"I can't overstate how important it is, and obviously the coach doesn't need to be mean about it, but I want the coach to be honest with me. I want the opportunity as a player - if you're unhappy with something I'm doing, I want the opportunity to correct it. And if you like what I'm doing, I want to continue to do more of that. I think that's something that's so, so rare in the NFL now because position coaches are worried about pissing people off. They're worried about getting fired, they're worried about their own thing. And so I think when it comes from the top down like that with Dan [Quinn]…I do appreciate that. …Good players want to know. They want to know. I think it's great that Dan is trying to do that at a high level, and he's learned from some really good coaches or talked with really good coaches about the best way to get that done."

Logan Paulsen via Fan Nation

Quinn is a no-nonsense guy. He demands a lot from himself and expects the same from every member of the locker room. Anyone not pulling their weight will be demoted or cast aside entirely. For the Commanders' ambitious plans to work, having passengers on board is not an option.

Some players like an arm around the shoulder. Others prefer an old-school, tough-love approach. Quinn seems to be finding the right balance between the two for now. And if he's not being honest, what hope does this new-look roster have of thriving under his leadership?

The Commanders seem confident Quinn is the right man to steer them on the path to prosperity. Taking an honest approach with his players gains respect. It also guarantees that through the good times and bad, they are always going to get a clear direction to make the correct adjustments in pursuit of refinement.

Quinn's reign is still in its infancy. The Commanders' fortunes are still sitting precariously despite positive changes throughout the offseason. That said, they might be onto something if the same trend continues next season and potentially beyond.

After Ron Rivera's motivation waned with his fate all but sealed last time around, Quinn's imposing start and his complete control represent a refreshing change of pace.