Brian Kelly sets Commanders QB rumor mill ablaze with Jayden Daniels claim

A slip of the tongue, or something more?

Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

LSU head coach Brian Kelly set the Washington Commanders rumor mill ablaze with a bold claim surrounding quarterback Jayden Daniels.

The Washington Commanders are currently in the final stage of finding out more about quarterback prospects heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. Adam Peters has the No. 2 overall selection to potentially find a franchise signal-caller from the college ranks. It's an exhaustive process with speculation rampant, but nothing concrete has emerged as part of the team's newfound way of going about their business.

Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye have taken center stage this week. Both missed some throws but showcased their undoubted potential during their respective pro days. J.J. McCarthy is also reportedly in contention, so it's a franchise-altering conundrum that Peters, Dan Quinn, and others in positions of power must successfully navigate.

Brian Kelly gaslights Commanders QB rumors

LSU head coach Brian Kelly did nothing to squash the rumor mill. He set it alight without even trying.

When discussing Daniels following the Tigers' pro day, he was naturally complimentary of his former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner. Kelly also seemed pretty convinced he was going to be the choice at No. 2 overall when it's all said and done.

"He's going to be so committed to taking care of himself. You're not going to have to worry about size or whether he weighs enough. Lamar [Jackson]'s done a good job with his size. [Patrick] Mahomes, I wouldn't consider him a giant. He'll get the ball out to the playmakers and make plays, for Washington."

LSU head coach Brian Kelly

For Washington…

This was probably nothing more than a slip of the tongue, but the guessing game surrounding Washington's pick made it something bigger. Daniels is under strong consideration to be the guy. However, Peters is not going to show his hand just yet and might not until the big night arrives.

Of course, some are wondering whether Peters and Quinn tipped off Kelly about their plans. Looking at how the Commanders have done things so far under the new regime, that appears unlikely. Besides, assessments and discussions are ongoing even if certain individuals within the decision-making process have their preferred target at this juncture.

Most fans are just looking forward to the draft arriving. This has been an exciting yet tiresome process with fresh rumors seemingly arriving by the hour. Kelly's comments were innocent, but they've been blown out of all proportion given nobody has the first clue what the Commanders have planned for definite.

It'll be a quarterback. Which one the Commanders end up taking to spearhead the franchise into a potentially prosperous period is another matter.

We are less than a month away from finding out. Everyone has an opinion and most picked a side long ago. If Kelly is right and the selection is Daniels, nobody would be complaining too much.