Brandon Aiyuk fans the flames over potential Commanders switch

The plot thickens...
Brandon Aiyuk
Brandon Aiyuk / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA

Brandon Aiyuk has been spending a lot of time with Jayden Daniels this offseason. They're good friends from their time together at Arizona State, so it's nothing unusual. However, it's also brought some speculation surrounding the pair potentially wanting to take their college chemistry up a notch by reuniting in the pros.

The Washington Commanders reportedly called the San Francisco 49ers regarding a potential trade for Aiyuk earlier this offseason. Adam Peters knows those within the franchise well having been part of their success before taking the top job in the nation's capital. Adam Schefter from ESPN stated the price was too steep to take anything further.

Aiyuk's contract situation with the Niners shows no signs of coming to a successful conclusion. The wideout isn't taking a discount and the extortionate increases for some around the league only complicate matters. Something the Commanders and others will be watching closely in the coming weeks.

Brandon Aiyuk didn't rule out Commanders switch on The Pivot

During an appearance on The Pivot podcast - which Daniels also attended - Aiyuk fanned the flames regarding a potential switch to the Commanders. He seems happy enough in San Francisco, but the former first-round pick is also growing increasingly frustrated with their approach based on comments via The Score.

"I'm taking it personal. I have a vision for what I see myself as. If I were to take a guess, probably a Niner uniform. If not a Niners uniform, probably a Washington Commanders uniform. If not a Washington Commanders uniform, probably a Steelers uniform. I feel like right now I'm in the right place, in the right spot, with the right quarterback right now. But we're not on the right terms. I just want to move forward. I want a team to look at me and value me as a top receiver, so I can continue to go out there and do what I do and show them every single day that's what I am."

Brandon Aiyuk via The Score

Pairing Aiyuk and Daniels would be a dream come true for the Commanders. It would give them a dynamic one-two receiving tandem thanks to Terry McLaurin's presence. But the notion does seem unlikely all things considered.

Peters was put off by the asking price, which is understandable. Aiyuk is also looking for somewhere in the region of $25 million per season or more. That's a lot despite the outstanding attributes and proven production he brings to the table.

If the Niners decide to move forward with Aiiyuk in the final year of his deal, the chances of him departing in free agency next spring increase exponentially if the franchise tag isn't utilized. His price will only go up in this scenario - especially if he achieves four figures once again - but the Commanders wouldn't need to sacrifice any draft capital to bring him into the fold.

His relationship with Daniels puts Washington in pole position if San Francisco lets him test the open market.

Aiyuk being at loggerheads with his employers is rapidly emerging into one of the most fascinating remaining NFL storylines. They should resolve their differences in some capacity. If not, expect Daniels to bang the table hard for Washington to make a bold bid.