9 dark horse candidates for the Commanders next head coach in 2024

Could these names be considered?
Deion Sanders
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Commanders could hire Deion Sanders

  • Head Coach | University of Colorado

Were I a better writer, I’d save Deion Sanders for later in the piece. He’s far and away the biggest name on the list. I just don’t think it’s likely he would come to the Washington Commanders.

Sanders has stated very clearly that he has no intention of coaching in the NFL. But still…

If Magic Johnson gets him in a room and starts a sales pitch, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. However, would it work?

College coaches have an abysmal track record over the past few decades making the transition to the NFL. It’s especially bad if the coach has no previous NFL experience.

As a coach, Sanders does not.

He hasn’t even been a college coach very long. But there are two things to remember.

Sanders has already proven that he is a good coach, and not simply a big name. And he is different - it was the same throughout his glittering playing career and remains so in a coaching capacity.

The usual rules don’t apply. Unlike the last time he came to Washington in a crass money grab late in his playing career, Sanders would come in with something to prove, and I wouldn’t bet against him.

There's just a certain aura around Sanders that people naturally gravitate towards. Whether this is something that would interest him if the Commanders came calling is another matter.