7 Commanders players (and coaches) that won't be back in 2024

Big changes are on the horizon...
Curtis Samuel
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Ron Rivera - Commanders HC

Ron Rivera deserves credit for restoring some semblance of respectability to the Washington Commanders. He was given the task of cleaning up a complete mess culturally - created by previous owner Dan Snyder - which he managed to accomplish effectively without quite doing enough from a results standpoint.

After the Commanders suffered another home humiliation against the New York Giants in Week 11, they are right on course for their fourth straight losing season with Rivera at the helm. There was one NFC East title win and playoff appearance - coming almost by default - but the standards and expectations in 2023 immediately increased once Josh Harris' ownership group came into the fold.

There's a realization that it's not if Rivera will get fired anymore. The question has turned to when.

Could it be after Thanksgiving if the Commanders get pummelled by the Dallas Cowboys? Could it be after their daunting challenge against the Miami Dolphins before their bye week? Could it be immediately after the season concludes on the dreaded Black Monday?

Either way, it's not looking good for Rivera. Deep down, he probably knows that too.

The figurehead is focused on what he can control until told otherwise. Rivera is a standup human being who's gone through significant adversity during his time in Washington, but everything eventually runs its course and all signs point to the head coach living on borrowed time right now.