6 Commanders likely embarking on their final game with the team in Week 18

The end could be near for these Commanders...

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Ron Rivera - Commanders HC

It seems as if Ron Rivera has been waiting in the gallows from the moment Josh Harris' ownership group bought the Washington Commanders for $6.05 billion. He was given the chance to prove himself. Even after things began spiraling out of control, he was handed the dignity of seeing out the season while other underperforming head coaches around the league were canned ahead of time.

This doesn't prevent the inevitable. Rivera's been a lame duck all season. Once the Week 18 contest against the Dallas Cowboys is out of the way, it won't take long before news surfaces about the head coach being relieved of his duties.

This will signal the end of an underwhelming four years at the helm. Rivera was tasked with a huge job under an absent, uncaring owner. While he's conducted himself with nothing but professionalism - even overcoming significant personal adversity in the process - the on-field product remains poor and results reflect that.

Rivera's roster building has come under fire. He failed to prioritize the offensive line. His investment in defense failed to reap the necessary rewards. He couldn't bring stability to the quarterback position. Murmurings of an indifferent culture within the locker room are beginning to surface.

The veteran coach is no fool. Rivera knows what's coming. He's been through this before when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers.

He's a stand-up guy. A good man with the best intentions. But the time for change has arrived.