6 Commanders likely embarking on their final game with the team in Week 18

The end could be near for these Commanders...

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Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

This one is a little more debatable than the others. But the scenario of Eric Bieniemy lasting just one season with the Washington Commanders cannot be overlooked.

Bieniemy's high-profile arrival after helping the Kansas City Chiefs secure another Super Bowl was widely well-received around the NFL. Big money and increased responsibilities tempted the respected offensive mind to take the plunge away from Andy Reid. It was also seen as the final stepping stone before becoming a head coach at long last.

It didn't take long for Bieniemy's high demands and strong work ethic to ruffle some feathers. Some players responded positively. Others went crying to Ron Rivera, which he revealed publicly during a press conference for some unknown reason.

While there have been plenty of positives for Bieniemy as a leader and play-caller, it hasn't been a bed of roses entirely. Not finding the right balance schematically placed untold pressure on quarterback Sam Howell. This became a recipe for disaster behind such a woeful offensive line.

Bieniemy doesn't seem willing to adjust his approach during games or when it comes to dealing with the modern-day player. He'll be considered for the Commanders' head coaching job, but Josh Harris' group might also decide for a complete refresh.

Speculation is already surfacing about Bieneimy being targeted by other teams, so he's unlikely to be out of work for long. And who knows, perhaps this will be the year he finally gets his long-awaited promotion.