5 winners and losers from the Commanders' defeat at Seahawks in Week 10

It was yet another game that got away...
Brian Robinson Jr.
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Loser No. 1

Benjamin St-Juste - Commanders CB

Losing Emmanuel Forbes through a controversial ejection almost immediately for a late hit on wide receiver Tyler Lockett meant the Washington Commanders were without a prominent starter within their secondary. This put the onus squarely on others to step up, with Benjamin St-Juste's role going from important to almost indispensable in the blink of an eye.

St-Juste started the game well enough going up against D.K. Metcalf. However, the former third-round selection regressed at the worst possible time down the stretch.

The one-time Minnesota standout went through the worst five-play stretch anyone could imagine. St-Juste was called for penalties, gave up big plays, and struggled to cope with being targeted heavily when the Seattle Seahawks identified him as a potential weak link.

Would things have been different had Forbes been on the field? Probably not given how the No. 16 overall selection has struggled more often than not this season.

St-Juste should be held to a higher standard as a more experienced figure. That's why his lackluster consistency in coverage and poor discipline with the contest at stake was a big-time disappointment.

This was a game decided by fine margins. Had St-Juste been more consistent when the pressure was on, the result might have been different - we'll never know for sure.