Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, Emmanuel Forbes and Week 11

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Ron Rivera and Sam Howell
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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes' frustration

Emmanuel Forbes' hopes of building on the best performance of his professional career were dented almost immediately at the Seattle Seahawks. The rookie cornerback was ejected for a late hit on wide receiver Tyler Lockett, which seemed harsh when one considers the speed at which he was going.

The Washington Commanders had to cope without Forbes and did miss the first-round selection - especially against Jaxson Smith-Njigba. He had to take it on the chin, but his frustrations were evident when speaking to the media in the locker room following another hard-fought defeat.

Forbes also took to social media in the game's immediate aftermath. The Mississippi State product stated he'd not had an explanation personally and had seen far worse hits this season that didn't result in an ejection.

This was one of multiple bad calls from the officials in this one. It's become a major complication around the league and calls for referees to become full-time professionals are growing - especially considering what's at stake in the modern-day game.

The defensive back can expect a big fine to go along with his ejection. Those within the NFL office normally double down on things like this, so he'll be out of pocket in addition to missing almost the entire game at Lumen Field.

Would Forbes have made that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things? Considering how easily quarterback Geno Smith was moving the football downfield late on, it's entirely possible.

We'll never know for sure.