5 steps the Commanders can take to potential NFC East title in 2024

The Commanders 2024 offseason will impact the next decade...

Adam Peters
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What steps can Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters take to speed up a substantial rebuild and challenge for the NFC East in 2024?

The Washington Commanders have been making moves. Yet with six picks in the first 101 selections of the upcoming NFL Draft, - as well as the most money to spend in free agency - there is much more to come right around the corner. Most of these big decisions will be centered around one primary philosophy.

Adam Peters must focus on building a sustainable winner in the future while simultaneously building a roster that can compete for the NFC East title as early as this year. It's a fine balancing act that not every general manager gets right. Those who fail inevitably suffer the consequences.

It can be done. Here's how.

Commanders sign Kirk Cousins

Before you go judging, hear me out. Kirk Cousins is 1-4 in the playoffs in his career. He is also a four-time Pro Bowler and one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Combine this with management's desire to win now and in the future, there is no better option that straddles the line of both wishes at the same time.

Signing Cousins would take the pressure off of feeling the necessity to draft a quarterback with the No. 2 pick in the upcoming draft. It would also offer Adam Peters flexibility.

No law says that the Washington Commanders couldn't sign the veteran and still draft Drake Maye. This would be doing something that the Commanders haven't done in decades. It could put an end to being annually in the bottom quadrant of quarterback play.

With Cousins and Maye on the roster, the Commanders would be in a better spot. Should they not take the North Carolina prospect, they could trade down, select stud left tackle Joe Alt from Notre Dame, and select a signal-caller in the middle rounds.

They would also still have two second-round picks as well as two third-rounders. Not so bad on a second look.